Bitcoin is a digital currency that has been gaining rapid traction globally. Payments on the network are near instant, secure and have very low fees.

You need to know about a couple of concepts:

BTC (Bitcoin) Amount - The amount to be sent, as 1 single bitcoin is valued at >$1000, you are going to see a lot of rather small looking numbers. eg 100 USD = 0.09126 Bitcoin

Bitcoin Wallet Address - eg.  '1AAp272KsiTCKhT7Ddpn4tG34ZHyekF1k2'  - stores Bitcoins. Payments are made by sending from one wallet to another. 


Australian Customers

You can pay for you order at a local newsagent (or Commonwealth Bank branch) as an alternative to setting up Coinbase, please refer to the following guide:

Australian Payment Guide using




Coinbase is the equivalent of PayPal in the Bitcoin world, and has made it simple for the average shopper to make payments.

First, sign up for an account at Coinbase.  

As part of registration, Coinbase requires a one-time verification process, similar to verifying a PayPal account (Photo ID and micro payments). This information is is not shared with any third party you make payments to (including Freedom Health).

Load your Coinbase wallet from a credit card or bank account with enough funds to cover your order. (Buy/Sell tab)

After your Wallet is loaded, payments can be made either by using the Coinbase smartphone app or through the Coinbase website.


Payment option #1 (via coinbase App)

When you click 'Pay with Bitcoin' on our checkout page, you will be present with a QR code. Scan this with with the Coinbase App on your phone to make a payment.

QR Code displayed on the Freedom Health checkout page

Paying with Coinbase Mobile Application

  • Downloading the Coinbase iOS or Android app

  • Open BTC Wallet
  • Tap QR Scan button to turn on the camera
  • Hold the phone up to scan the QR Code
  • Confirm Payment




Payment option #2 (via Coinbase website)

When you click 'Pay with Bitcoin' on our checkout page, you are presented with 2 pieces of essential information, BTC Amount and recipient Bitcoin Wallet Address.

To make a payment, open the Coinbase website in a new tab or window, and copy both the Amount and Bitcoin Address over to the Send page of your Coinbase account.


Freedom Health Order Checkout Page


Coinbase Send/Request Page


Alternatives to Coinbase


40 Options to Buy Bitcoin Worldwide

SpectroCoin - Buy $50 coins with a credit card in under 10mins

Bity - Europe (up to 250EUR/day without ID)

CoinMama - USA/Worldwide (150 USD without ID)

CoinHouse - Europe - Australia

BitOasis - Middle East & North Africa

LocalBitcoins - All Countries